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Tragically, I turned 50 last month. Signs of old age were everywhere such as creaky joints in the morning, loss of flexibility, and a tight lower back. Worse yet, my golf game was going downhill. If I didn’t have time to warm up, I was guaranteed to hook my opening drive into the woods. It took several holes for me to loosen up and start to play properly. Out of desperation, I tried something different – Pilates with Michelle. Within just two sessions, I saw results. Much greater range of motion, less aches, etc. Going forward, she customized a program for me as a golfer. As a result, I have picked up a greater shoulder turn, resulting in better rhythm and tempo. I am hitting more fairways than ever and have picked up 15 yards in distance with my driver. I know for a fact that Pilates once a week with Michelle works for me and is a huge plus for my golf game. In fact, relative to golf, I truly believe that an hour of Pilates beats an hour on the range.

- Ran Morrissett

I began taking private pilates class with Michelle Jones in 2011, after suffering a fractured pelvic. As a life long athlete and yoga fan, I had interest in Pilates, yet my first experience was not a positve one. I was introduced to Michelle through a client and pilates with MJ was a life changer. With-in two months, my lower back was stronger and I no longer had any pain in my right leg. MJ's background as a nurse and a nutrisionist are an added benefit along with her sensitivity to her clients ability to move deeper into the pilates exercise.

When MJ opened Pilates Barre to the public, I was confident that she would be successful quickly. I take the reformer class twice a week and it is a over-all, kick but class that I am addicted to. The booty barre class has completed the transformation of my body. At fifty-seven, I have never felt better or stronger and the best of all is that my friends and family recognize my tight-fit body and ask me what I have been doing.

Michelle Jones and Pilates Barre is the best kept secret in Moore County. I hope that many more of you out there recognize the value that MJ brings to ones health benefits in incorporating Pilates into your everyday life. Just know that I am booked far in advance, so my spot in class is secure.

- Susan Clift Brown, CCIM
Founder / Chief Executive Officer

I suffered with chronic back pain for over 20 years. I began working with Michelle about a year ago and have not had back issues since then. I learned to isolate, strengthen and engage the core muscles that support my back and spine. I feel great and look forward to each session with both Michelle and Jackie!

- Mark V.

I have been taking Pilates with Michelle for a year. I havent worn my spanx since! Truly she has helped me strengthen my core and my stomach is the flattest its been in years!

- Cathy Smith

For me, Pilates is not just a way to exercise, it takes care of my mind, body and soul. When I am on the reformer, the stress goes away, I relax and feel at peace, and my body feels great at the end of the session. And, the most amazing thing is that even though I "feel" my workout, there are no lingering aches and pains like when I was working with weight machines.

- Charlene Kinelski

Smart and with a quick wit, Michelle is a fun and fabulous instructor. Pilates is about low-impact core strength training and flexibility, and Michelle's studio is just as warm as her personality. I highly recommend the Pilates Barre to anyone of any age looking for variety and a healthy way to maintain physical and mental balance.

- John Kuhn

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