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What we eat becomes who we are. How profound is that! Improving your nutrition will change your life. It will change how you look, and more importantly how you feel. It can prolong your lifespan. It can reverse disease. It can make you leap over buildings ... ok, maybe I took it a little too far ... but it can certainly give you boundless energy! It is truly the fountain of youth.

Did you know that the secret to your overall health lies in your gut? Its true. The root of most chronic diseases and minor ailments alike, starts in your gut:

  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • autoimmune disease
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • asthma
  • diabetes
  • asthma
  • arthritis
  • fatigue
  • aches/pains
  • mood swings
  • low libido
  • skin problems
  • weight gain/retention
  • AND ... PREMATURE AGING!!! Noooooo!

My Coaching

I DON’T believe in quick fixes, point systems, deprivation, fad diets or any other methods that promise “fast results”. These behaviors are unhealthy and unsustainable. You want to be healthy and fit for life, not a few weeks, right?

I DO believe in learning about food and and how it nourishes our bodies on a cellular level. What you eat becomes who you are. Literally. I believe in having patience with ourselves as we learn what works for OUR OWN bodies. I believe in making slow, steady and permanent changes and giving LOTS of positive reinforcement! this is a journey we will take together, whether it lasts a few sessions or a few months or even years. This is meant to be a positive and ultimately greatly rewarding experience for you that I am honored to be a part of.

I offer one-on-one coaching that focuses on eating REAL food and teaching simple ways to cut cravings, control your appetite, jumpstart your metabolism and improve your overall health. All I ask is that you commit to yourself ... and we are off and running!

Because we all have unique food preferences, intolerances, medical history, lifestyles and personalities, I create custom made plans on a client to client basis. You may require only a few sessions and nutrition upgrades or you may be seeking a complete nutrition and lifestyle transformation. Contact me to schedule your initial consultation and let the transformation begin!

Natural supplement recommendations that can transform bodies AND lives!

There are two product lines that I highly endorse and personally use religiously:

Lifeforce International

Since 1984, this vast array of time-tested products - endorsed by thousands of physicians and healthcare professionals - have helped thousands of people to transform their lives. Their flagship product, Body Balance, is a nutrition powerhouse - formulated with 9 wild, sustainably harvested sea vegetables and certified organically grown and processed Aloe Vera. Ounce per ounce, sea vegetables contain more dense nutrition than any other vegetable on the planet! Our bodies are designed to get their nutrition from food. The union of Aloe and sea vegetables creates the ultimate “super food”, blending the best of land and sea in a form that is easily recognized and absorbed in nature’s perfect balance.

Click HERE to learn to learn more about this life transforming product.

“Body Balance Works” This is a 7 minute presentation by Annie Taylor Schellenberg who was a practicing nurse for 20+ years. Annie explains what’s in Body Balance, and why it’s so effective in supporting health and general wellness.

Read this amazing TESTIMONIAL by Harvard Grad, Dr. David Friedman, B.S. , N.D , D.C about the clinical research and personal experience of the truly life-changing benefits of Body balance.

I will personally take Body Balance every day for the rest of my life - myself and my clients alike, have noted:

increased and sustained energy and mental clarity
marked decreases in cravings and improved blood sugar levels
appetite regulation
glowing, clear skin and increased hair and nail growth (YAY!)
improved sleep
stress reduction
improved sports performance

Be New ™ is the ideal nutrition, fitness and WEIGHT LOSS system available for individuals like YOU who live a busy, active lifestyle and need a more effective, efficient way to become their very best. At the core of the BENew (tm) program are three dynamic nutritional supplements that are beautifully formulated using natural, synergistic and currently researced super foods and extracts.

Simultaneously, you will gently cleanse your system - converting your body to a healthy, receptive state maximized for weight loss; harness your body’s own furnace and increase energy and metabolism throughout the day; control your appetite and cravings while nourishing your cells with protein, digestive enzymes and co-factors, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and fiber.

My first client to take BENew lost 10 lbs in 10 days without the addition of daily exercise - just healthy eating. In addition to this, he was on the road for work 24/7 and didn’t have great sleep habits. About this program, he says “ I couldn’t believe my eyes ... over 10 days I watched my tummy literally deflate. I felt a significant increase in energy, fullness and I even started sleeping, which has been a great difficulty for me! My body is rapidly transforming and I couldn’t be more elated. I am making these changes for life. “ E.G.

Click here to see incredible before and after images at different time intervals through clients’ journeys! This could be YOU!

To order any Lifeforce products, go to or contact Michelle: #910-690-2208

Akea Essentials

In addition to Body Balance, the other whole foods supplement I personally take on a daily basis is AKEA. Containing 36 fermented superfoods, probiotics, minerals and enzymes, Akea was formulated based on the world’s “ hot spots” - on cultures worldwide who, based on foods they consume, experience unparalleled longevity and health. The product is fermented in order to improve the nutritional content of the food, improve digestibility, remove toxins and anti-nutrients and preserve and create important enzymes.

*Synthetic free, gluten free, trans fat free, dairy free, soy free, GMO free, vegan and kosher!

*5 servings of organic fruits and vegetables

*Probiotics equivalent to 6 servings of yogurt

*Resveratrol levels equivalent to 28 glasses of red wine

To learn more and to ORDER Akea, go to

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